It’s a Seller’s Market. Does That Mean You Can Forgo Making Repairs or Improvements to Your Home Before Putting It on the Market?

Mirtha Barzaga
Mirtha Barzaga
Published on May 13, 2021

With today’s hot market many sellers are asking, “should I just list my home as is or would it benefit me to make improvements before listing it?” This can be a difficult decision, since dated looks can often cause your home to sell for a lower price, while making renovations can be a lengthy, expensive process. In order to make a decision, it is helpful to look at a few significant factors.

1. How Does Your Home Compare to Similar Homes? Price and product comparison will always be a key factor. It is beneficial to know if the house that sold for $400,000 just up the street is similar to your house. Is your house the same size and in the same condition? Or is it smaller but in better condition? Usually, buyers will compare the price of your house to the price of other houses in the neighborhood. But they’ll also factor in what improvements need to be made and the cost of those improvements. With home prices on the rise and limited inventory, many buyers are just trying to get their foot in the door understanding that they’ll likely need to make home improvements after they move in.

2. Curb Appeal is Key. Prospective buyers want to be pleased upon their first sight of what may be their next home. Your home’s curb appeal could cost you a sale even in this competitive market. Buyers are driving through neighborhoods looking for a home and often times pass by a home with a “For Sale” sign because of the exterior appearance. Make sure that the grass is green, the bushes are trimmed and the weeds are removed. Pressure wash the driveway and add welcoming door decor to brighten the entry. The cost is minimal to make these improvements that go a long way in wooing buyers.

3. Clean Up The House. Another cost effective solution to get buyers to make competitive offers is simply cleaning up inside. If you’ve read any article about how to prepare your home for home sale you’ve seen this! But you would be surprised by how many sellers allow realtors to show their home without properly preparing it. When prospective buyers walk into a house, items like clutter, unswept floors, and faulty lights will detract from their overall view of the house. Remove personal items, clear countertops and make your closets appear as spacious as possible. Make sure that buyers get a positive first impression by cleaning up the house, making sure the lights work, and organizing your clutter.

4. What is an Affordable Fix? When considering whether to renovate the bathroom, kitchen or living room, it’s important to consider whether the price of the renovation will create a significant boost in home value. A $15,000 bathroom renovation might not provide the best return in this competitive market. However, if you brighten up an otherwise dark kitchen by replacing light fixtures and painting the walls a lighter color, the increased traffic for showings may find the expenditure well worth a more minimal investment.

5. Call Mirtha for a Consultation to Tour your Home and Make Recommendations. Mirtha Bazarga is a seasoned realtor, serving her clients for more than a decade. During this period, she has achieved many important accolades such as Top Sales Agent of the Year and Top 50 Best Real Estate Agents in Northeast Florida.

When deciding what types of changes to make, the best advice is to seek the advice of an expert. Be confident that you are making the best investments in your home value by contacting Mirtha Bazarga at (904) 501-1830 to consult you.

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